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Extra Discipleship

Cathy and John’s pastor led an I Am Second group this afternoon but one man wanted more.  The pastor walked home with him and spent another hour discipling him. 

I, Liz, was in their area conducting an eye clinic.  The first lady there left and proceeded to knock on every door and tell the people we were there.  By the time lunch came, we had seen about 50 people and by the end of the day almost 90.  They get the prize for the busiest clinic.

Another of our interpreters accepted Christ yesterday.  Yea God!!!



Beau visited with a lady and her husband a couple of days ago with neither of them open to Christ.  He returned and visited with the wife again today.  She said a pastor had visited her two years ago and she had prayed a prayer but didn’t feel a change in her heart.(Some discipleship would have helped:) and so she wasn’t interested in what Beau was saying.  As he spoke to her she continued to say NO.  Beau spoke with her about the tug she was feeling being God calling her and that she could reject or accept His gift.  She said, “Yes.” and after praying began to cry. 

No One Ever Told Me

Sam led a man and wife to Christ a couple of days ago and they asked him to go to their family outside of town on Tuesday.  The man, Segundo, took him up the mountain today to do just that.  The family received Christ and called their employees in to listen to the gospel and they too received Christ.  Their comment was, ” Who will disciple us?  There is no evangelical church in our community.”  Sam had two of the church members with him who heard the need and will do the discipleship.  The lady of the house said she had always believed in God but no one had ever told her how to be saved. 

Using Reading Glasses to Reach the Lost

We use many methods
to reach people.  One way is with a reading glass clinic.  We are
doing one in Cajamarca this week with great results.  Jesus said to give a
cup of cold water in my name.  This is what we are doing.  It is amazing
to see the smiles on the faces when someone can read for the first time in
years.  This opens their hearts to receive the gospel.

Yo Soy Segundo

Today we met a lovely family.  Segundo is the male. In Spanish Segundo means second.  He, his wife and mother were very inquisitive about our visit to Cajamarca.  I was the very first GRINGO to enter his home. The gospel was shared, questions were asked and they all decided to follow Jesus.  I told Segundo that now his name had even more meaning as he is now TRULY Segundo, second as Christ is first in his life.

We went to the next level of discipleship and they were eager to learn.

Before we left Segundo said that he wanted his whole family to hear this story of God’s love.  We are going to their homes on Tuesday morning.  Please pray for us as we speak to his other family members.

A Brother in Christ

My Name is Ronald Coleman.  I came on the trip to Cajamarca after Sam Neugent visited my Sunday School Class at Concord Baptist.  I had some reservations but felt God wanted me to.  Today I had confirmation that God wants me here.  I had an encounter today with a man who had the same past as I have. We had both been saved in a radical way.  After a short conversation, I learned that past had led him into prison ministry, which I originally thought I would be doing on this trip.  But that didn’t work out. Today this man asked me to visit a prison with him on Tuesday.  So, today I know why I came on this trip.  It feels good to be in the will of God.  In spite of me, I am trying to trust  that. 

New Life in Christ

Hello am Lili , I am very happy to be here in Cajamarca and be the translator of your husband , for me is a great pleasure to know your husband he is a good person and very friendly, yesterday he talked  with me  about  the good news of God, that God has an purpose for each one and that God loves me so much then I decided to open my heart to Christ , Papa Jack prayed for me , now I am very happy because God is in me and now I am SECOND.

Lily Lopez